Karate, Baji and Lohan ??? What ???

April 3, 2009

Received a mail these last couple of weeks asking for info on Baji materials…..

The writer is of the view that Bassai Katas are in some way linked to Baji Quan.

Got to admit, this perception is something new, to me at least.

These last few years, working with Russ, I am beginning to see more and more, bonds between Karate, Shaolin Lohan and Southern Crane.

Russ and I spent much time considering this and I cannot say we got anything irrefutable but the broad idea is there.

Lohan, to me, must be one of the earliest systemized practices known to CKF.

Permeating many styles, traces could be found in most systems, northern or southern notwithstanding…

My own collections of old Whooping Crane materials point this out very clearly; the early start is a fusion of Lohan and Fukien Crane.

Some old lines of Whooping Crane still do Lohan type training, the way it was handed down.

And assuming Karate pioneers did find their way to Whooping Crane in Fuzhou and brought back skill sets to Okinawa, then, it stands to reason that some Lohan fundamentals are retained in the various Karate streams.

Could these have played a role in the outcome of some of the Lohan-like Katas that I see?


Anyway, to the gentleman who wrote to me, I must apologize – your mail was inadvertently thrashed.

So if you could, write to me again and I’ll send the Baji materials.

Better yet, join me at martialforest – you’ll find Baji and more in there.


Here’s an old Lohan form :-

View this document on Scribd

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