Further ado about martialforest.

March 28, 2009

Before anyone goes “oh no, he is hooked on mainland CKF materials” ……

To enhance understand the voyage of the arts, you begin at the beginning and then spread out, no?

So, from mainland to places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, the various Chinese populations in SE Asia and then the West ….

Mainland came close to obliterating the arts during the “cultural revolution” but recent spirited efforts appear promising, at least that’s what I am hearing from those I am corresponding with over there.

Well, that’s for another entry; just want to let you know that martialforest is not limited to mainland materials.

Over time, I will make an attempt to put as much of non mainland materials as possible online to share with all of you.

Cheers and in this hot weather ….  You need lots of “ying” food.

In other word, beeeeeeeeers……

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