Martial Forest progress.

March 26, 2009

With about 30 members, martialforest is still in the warm-up phase; members are still trying to familiarize themselves with functions like chat, uploading videos etc etc…

The Curve …….   🙂
In the midst of all that, we still managed to get some discussions going.

Connections between Wing Chun and White Crane, Wuzu, Ven Sek’s Saolim, Baji and so on.

I love the ambience; everyone there to share and learn and not one up the rest.

I am uploading an average of one pdf book and one video clip every 2 days, so give it some time, the vault should be loaded.

My plan is to steer discussions towards the lesser talk about styles like Emei for example.
This is one topic – Emei Crane Fighting System.


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