Why “martialforest” ?

March 23, 2009

Why indeed!

After a couple of forums and 2 blogs, why begin all over with martialforest?

Capriciousness at work? Or simply, madness?

Fact is, this is something mooted more than a year ago when Russ Smith was visiting; we spoke about creating a site for all like-minded martial arts buffs to congregate , network and try to sort through the “classical mess”.

And this has to start with opening up and viewing materials left behind by those who preceded us; some of these may very well possess answers that we all have been looking for.

To even think that one or two persons can realize this is both pompous and pretentious.

We are restricted by our personal experience and touching an elephant at one isolated spot is to miss the full picture; that is why the sharing is vital.

Russ, like me, is an ardent collector of materials and between the 2 of us; we got quite a substantial pool – plenty of mileage ahead of us.

Why now?

For good reasons, starting with what’s presently happening in the world of traditional martial arts, if you have been following some of the discussions going on in forums everywhere, you’ll know what I mean.

Some very “creative” folks are trying to alter, not only histories but also elemental compositions of some very time-honored martial arts legacies.

The classical mess is being amplified by these “artists”.

Why? I don’t really understand. Maybe if they present new models, they stand to benefit from the effort.

And in any case, the buyers are happy, so be it.

All I am trying to do is to offer what the founders or the early days masters got to say about the arts they founded or disseminated, in their own words.

Untouched original texts, manuals and books to give you another view that maybe you don’t even know existed because they have been out of circulation for so long.

This is only doable now with the internet that allows me to spread the words around without incurring too much expense.

I always believe that without light, darkness rules.

And there are many out there who are maneuvering in the dark beguiling the true seekers.

I really think it’s time to call them out ……

Below are sample pages of books uploaded or to be uploaded into martialforest.

Styles include :-

  • Fukien ground (dog) boxing.
  • Tai Chi old texts (some very old).
  • “Origin of Chinese Martial Arts” classical text.
  • Yong Chun White Crane.
  • Dragon style soft boxing.
  • Emei Crane fighting.
  • Emei 12 postures.
  • TaiZu Grand Ancestor Boxing.
  • Hung Gar.

And these are just a tip of a big iceberg – I kid you not.

(click on thumbnails for full views)

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