Simple – The Best !

March 18, 2009


So after a hard day’s “work”, quick dinner and equally quick shower, I am now staring at this monitor and trying to decide what to post ….. hmmmmm …….


Robin gave me a couple of his Hungga books, I brought back about 10 KF books from my Singapore apartment and some 20 Dvds – nope all these needs scanning and converting before I can upload; tonight is not the night to do any of these.


And this brings me to an email I received whilst I was away in Kuala Lumpur; is there another site to download some of the books and pictures that I am posting?


Well the answer is yes and no; for some of them, there are mainland sites that you could go to do just that but most of the books are from my private collection. Some might be online already, I am not sure but these are books that I scan and then upload to this blog.


So I am paced by time; how fast I am able to scan them – a real monotonous task unless you stop every now and then to read and then it’s going to take forever to get through the entire book.


The good news is that I’ve got most of my magazines digitalized and it’s just a issue of uploading them.


Which brings me to the next topic; Sarawak is not exactly known for her IT capability – translated – we don’t have the fast connectivity that you obtain in places like Singapore. I am fortunate if I get 100 Mbps and that fluctuates with, believe it or not, the weather.


Thunderstorm, its strict no no. Got our modem zapped a couple of times, protector or not!


Raining and not lightning, the connection starts to drag. Why? Me got absolutely no clue.


And certain hours, you can forget about meaningful connection ….. someone told me it’s due to constricted gateway …. whatever….  I am too simple to bother with such modern days’ intricacies.


“Simple is the best” is my mantra.


Or in Kung Fu, we say “faster, stronger and more agile than my opponent”.


Or to put it simply “Just better than anyone fighting me”.


Now that line to me is “Simply the Best”.


A couple more pics from one of my books.










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