The “Crane” has landed.

March 17, 2009

So after a short whirlwind trip that saw me meeting with Shah, the President of Malaysia Amateur MuayThai Association and Robin Leong, I am now back in Kuching.

I will elaborate in my next couple of entries about these meets but for now, I just wanna talk a little about Robin.

Most of you must have heard of John Leong, a Hungga pioneer teacher in the US. In some of my CKF magazines published in the 70s, GM John Leong was often mentioned; performing his Hungga, hard qiqong, lion dancing etc etc. I remember a well-built powerful looking man in many of those pictures – like so many Hungga exponents of the day.

Robin is GM Leong’s son and these days, Robin calls Singapore home. He was with the local TV station and currently operates a CKF studio in an upmarket part of Singapore.

Also a film producer, his work includes “Dance of the Dragon” that I spoke about briefly in one of my earlier entries.

And this is so funny, when I was in Seattle last year training with Chas and his guys, we needed sticks and Chas brought me to this school in Chinatown that also sells KF equipment.

Guess what? This was GM Leong’s school – talk about coincidence !

Anyway, it’s getting late and tomorrow I got a full day lined up so ….. a pic first from the trip.

You got Tina, my boss lady and Robin posing at the reception area of Robin’s studio.


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