All my bags are packed…..

March 9, 2009

Now that my trip is confirmed; air tickets and hotel accommodations booked and all that, I just want to leave you with more pictures of some of the books and magazines being prepared for the new site.

Will be on the road for about a week starting this coming Thursday, first to Kuala Lumpur to meet with folks from Malaysia Muay Thai Federation and World Muay Thai Council and then a short stopover in Singapore before returning.

This Singapore trip, in addition to calling on my White Crane, Taizu and Zhou Jia families, we will also be discussing with some players from the Singapore movie industry.

 A leading movie production company and Robin Leong, a Hungga exponent originally from Seattle USA;Robin is the main man behind movie like “Dance of the Dragon”…..

Now that movie has Fann Wong in the leading lady role so maybe …… well we’ll see…..

Got to remind myself – look at the moon and not the fingers pointing at the moon.

Say what?

Another one of those oblique “Zen” sayings; me? I will look at both the fingers and the moon.

Like to leave you with this:

“I do, therefore I am”

“I am, therefore I do”

“I think, therefore I am”

“I am what I am and I do what I do”.

“I think I do and sometimes I am what I think”.

“I am what I think and sometimes I do what I think”.

“Don’t think, just do”.

I think I am very confused now and I will go Do what I like!

Where’s my Carlsberg?

Here’s to Fann Wong   🙂

And don’t forget, write to me if you want to sign up for the new site. For those who have already done that, you will get invites when I come back.

Got another pdf file ready for those interested : “Lau Gar Kuen”. Not the form they do in Hung Gar but Lau Gar, as in the style.
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