The forest is growing.

March 8, 2009

Just want to clarify this:- is more than a photos/magazines/books and videos trafficking site.

There is embedded discussion forum, blogging engine and other functions making it a comprehensive “networking” site.

I would love to get a forum going again; after a few stabs, I think I’ve learned enough to manage a “proper” forum.

For starter, none of that “my way is the best”,” I am the most original” or “Just because my teacher said so, it must be universal truth” rant.

If that is where you get your kicks, head on down to the many other forums available where pissing contest is the norm.

I would rather talk about topics like:-

  1. How has martial arts training affected the other areas of your life?
  2. Are you better able to cope with the present economic turmoil because of your MAs training?
  3. How do you apply MAs training concepts/principles in business management?
  4. MAs training a waste of time in modern days’ society?

These are matters that I think about these days, really, given that I am trying to balance my Kung Fu / business and personal life.

Not forgetting my 4 cats and 1 dog; I know I know – got to get some help in this department.

So if everything goes according to plan, the new site should be set sometimes next week. Got to figure out how to upload pdf, rar and other files for easy access….

In the meantime, some more examples of photos and books (just the covers here) that will be deposited in the new site.

And folks, remember, the only condition to partake is to add to the site – in the forum, blog or contributing to the MA vaults.

Or send me a crate of Carlsberg.














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