March 8, 2009



This I likey …… spear.


After my beloved sticks; in White Crane, we do double-headed Chi-mei, rat tail and walking stick (what some folks call quarterstaff), the spear must be my next favorite.


So any surprise when I was Por Suk, GM of Hay Bun Wing Chun, last year, I was all eager for his “6 and a half pole 13 spears” ?


Every time we meet, after getting the lop sau and bong sau out of the way, the 2 of us would be playing with stick fighting concepts.


I really love his stick/spear techniques, simply dazzling!


We say “sticks sweep a big area and spears seize a single line path” and this is so visible in Por Suk’s pole form.


To top it off, he would “sing” out his “kuit” when he performs the form ……


You know what, the next time I see him, I will present him with some old stick and spear fighting books.


Including the one above and give me a bit of time, all this will be stored in www.martialforest.ning.com.

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