Choy Gar Kuen.

March 6, 2009

Well, we all heard of Choy Li Fut – the combo of 3 styles of CKF.

Yet, Choy Gar per se, remains “out-of-sight” what with the little materials available on this.

Got a mainland Choy Gar book here for anyone interested.

Just write to and I’ll send the pdf file, all 2.5 Mb, to you.

No fee, no catch and you won’t get any of that “I will make you rich” crap – promise.

See, I actually sign up for a new email to do this – sharing scans and clips and those who know me, know that I love my “white88crane” mail address.

So this is quite a “leap” for me……… 🙂

ps. I am not sure if this particular “Choy Kuen” is the same as the one in CLF – look at words on the shirt of the Sifu – it says “Mei San”.

I’ve always associate “Mei San” with Hakka.

But hey, I could be completely wrong !


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