Eric the Barbarian…..aaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!

March 5, 2009

Here a clip that I posted about 2 years back – Choy Lay Fut. Click here.

This was before I started “disabling” the “comment” function days.

I posted this clip because I thought, and still do, that the moves shown are slick by any measurement.

I am no CLF player but I love their blend of long/short circular and linear combos and having just acquired that DVD, I just wanted to share a little with youtubers….

Since then, look at some of the comments posted – what is wrong with some people???

You don’t like what you see, fine.

I don’t like many things but you don’t find me busy writing boorish comments…

Hey, this got nothing to do with “mo-duk” or “Wu De” – this is common everyday expected good manners!!! Or more accurately, lack of it!!!

Geeeesh, and people asked me why I block comments these days.

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