Somebody left a note …..

March 3, 2009

Hello, My name is Ryan,I am 32,I have studied chinese martial arts for 27 years of my life.Tae Kwon do sense I could walk and mimic my dad.I might not be Chinese,But I have played Sun Wu Kong as well as the archoe HoYi in plays as well as lion danced.SO just know even though it is not my own culture there are alot Chinese and non chinese wanting to keep the arts alive.The system I was taught was a 5 animal system that ended up in lao’s taught to me from someone who came to the US to a wat buddhram temple there. I have studied Jook Lum Southern praying mantis. I have watched your videos alot and have now started studing White crane From a lady from Taiwan.I would love to come train with you.I do not know if that is possiable,But like you,I would travel the world for great kung fu. I can be reached at ……………….

That note was left in the “About Me” section.

Well Ryan, nice to hear about your passion for Chinese culture.

I visited some Bamboo Forest PM clips and got to tell you, the similarities (to my eyes at least) are just uncanny. I don’t discount same parentage somewhere.

Taiwan lady? Helen Shen and her Dong Mu Yau Fuzhou Crane ?

And you’re right – my knee – old injuries from my competition days.

Now returning to bother me again.

Well you know what they say; when you’re before 40 nothing scares you.

After 40, they all try to bully you – talkiing about pains and sickness, that it.

I say – what don’t kill you only makes you stronger.

If you don’t mind a little pain every now and then, of course.

Have a nice day.

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