8 Cranes.

March 3, 2009

It was a Sunday and with a little R & R time, I decided to drop in one of the shopping malls here in Kuching. So many these days too.

Passed the usual shops with signs screaming “DISCOUNT”, I spotted some Chinese paintings, on display, for sale at the concourse.

And they got an entire section dedicated to Cranes.


Now if only the same “DISCOUNT” signs work here …..

Nah, that’s like having the cake and eating it no?

But aren’t cakes meant to be eaten?

You know what, I never got that one figured out ……

But then somethings are best left “mysterious” ….. hehehehe ….

Reminds me of an old bikini joke – what they reveal is interesting but what they hide is …………..

You go figure that one out.


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