Moslems and their Kung Fu in China.

March 1, 2009

Got a youtube message recently from a gentleman in Italy asking about the Chinese roots of a Silat that he is doing …. see, I do answer mails/messages…

Well anyway, I wrote back with the little I’ve heard  from Kung Fu elders throughout the years regarding connections between TCMA and Silats in Indonesia and Malaysia.

This is NOT an easy topic – cross-fertilizations have been happening till as recent as 50 yrs ago.

Here in Sarawak, for instance, there are 100s of native Silat systems not found anywhere else and some are direct spinoffs from CKF including the keeping of Chinese names and terminologies.

Silat Hylam is one such example….

I really don’t have much written materials regarding this subject matter especially when it comes to systems found within the minority non-Han groups in places like Yunnan.

If memory serves, I got only one book cataloguing tribal fighting arts.

So  quick emails to some mainland friends and they came back with  links to  sites focused on minorities’ cultures and lifestyles and possible emigrations of some of their fighting skill sets.

And Roberto (my Italian new found friend), you’re right. Silats traveled alongside Islam to reach the South Seas…

Got some pics of mainland Moslems with their kung fu here for you folks.

And, Roberto’s website here.













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