Hey, he’s only 90 yrs young.

February 28, 2009





From another mainland site; report of a 90 yrs young kung fu “kid” and his alcohol….

Ooops, I mean “Drunken Boxing”.

Now, I’ll drink to that !

2 Responses to “Hey, he’s only 90 yrs young.”

  1. oldkarateka Says:

    Love it,, mmmm less see, Im 65 now,, think in 25 years if I practice hard enough Ill be able to do this??? 🙂

  2. eric88ling Says:

    Hehehe, but are you doing “drunken boxing” – that is the elixir …

    Not sure if it’s the “drunken” or “boxing” – you would need highly guarded secret manual.

    Send USD 29.90 + shipping/handling charges and you’ll get a copy sent to your doorsteps.

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