February 27, 2009

So after a hard day’s “work”, its time for a “Tiger” – hahahaha …. No, I’m not an alcoholic …. hicks! It’s been freaking hot these last couple of days and cold beers are the best counter ahem …..

“Work” included talking to Stephan Fox, Vice President World MuayThai Council, to firm up “roadmap” as far as MT in Sarawak is concerned. Like I mentioned earlier, I know Stephan from at least some 10 years back; met him when he first started Muay Thai in Singapore. This is one fighter that you want to be cautious with, before turning a MT champion, Stephan is also a consummate Wing Chun exponent in Germany.

The local relevant authorities require an exhibition in the first half of 2009 and that takes some synchronizing; MT boxers from Thailand, “Super Fighters” from the first Asia Contender series and Malaysian boxers would be participating.

On top of that, we got to look at appropriate venue, a proper 20 X 20 standard boxing ring, promo, media coverage and recording of the event…..

An event of this magnitude, at least 3 months’ lead time is needed.

So, pardon moi if this blog is slowed down during the next few days.

Got some more pics I downloaded recently to share with all of you; came from a mainland TCMA forum.

Not certain but I thought I’ve seen these posted elsewhere before but still ….. Something from Lama Pai/White Crane: – Kam Kong or Jin Kang form.

A term often translated to “Diamond” which, imho, is a little inadequate – not going to zoom in on this now – takes a bit to spell out…


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