We are not gods!

February 25, 2009


These days, for most parts, I spend time checking on Chinese forums and blogs.

Before the internet, it was tricky to interact with CKF practitioners on the mainland. Snail mails can be ……. sluggish.

I was following a discussion thread in one of the forums and came across this statement, which I thought articulates my attitude precisely.


In English :-

My thoughts, traditional MAs are very good, just don’t turn them in fairy tales. We are humans and not gods.

1000 years of records has “immortalized” them but still investigation is indispensable.


Short statement from a member but speak volumes.


I am not a promoter of “change for changing’s sake” but on the other hand I am also a “the proof is in the pudding” kind of person.


The little quotation on the upper right-hand box of this page is something that my Sifu told us repeatedly.


Go see for yourself, ask questions and test it out – if it’s authentic, it should not be scared of fire.


Coming from a place like Singapore, where natural resources are so limited and all we got are our hands and brains – wasting time pursuing fairy tales and fantasies is …… not too smart.

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