Looking at some fighting concepts.

February 25, 2009


Okay, after the last post and talks of “investigation”, I thought we should start examining some of the more popular strategies common to many styles of traditional CKF.  


Come to think of it, universal and found in fighting systems everywhere.


Starting with 连消带打 lian xiao dai da or defense and attack at the same time.


Now this is really not exclusive to CKF. We see this in boxing, Muay Thai and Silats etc etc


I remember watching a “Karate” documentary a while back, a UK production, and the narrator was saying:


  • To move away from an attack and then counterattacking is beginner’s level.
  • To move sideward and counterattacking is intermediate level.
  • To move into an attack is advance level.


Not 100%  LXDD but close enough.


Lian Xiao Dai Da could mean using one arm to defend and the other to attack at the same time or use the same defending hand to attack – deflecting and slipping in for the attack comes to mind.


I know, I know – I am scratching the surface here but this blog is really nothing more than a little concept 🙂

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