Fighting concept #3.

February 25, 2009




顺势吞化 Using “swallow” to seize advantage.


Now this is, in all probability, the “great divide” between internal and external systems.


The “swallow” has been interpreted to “yielding” “avoiding” etc etc all signifying a “soft” approach to fighting.


Or the typical “using 4 ounces to upset 1000 pounds” idiom that is frequently quoted.


So this implies a more defensive methodology.


Understanding of energy execution is fundamental; you want to wait until your opponent’s energy is spent and then counterattack usually by disrupting his balance and flooring him.


The other theory is to “lead” your opponent’s energy.


The terminology used is to “listen” to opponent’s energy.


In the clip that Russ posted, the technique “Leading Cow Across the River” is one good example of this strategy.

Btw, in everyday’s usage, “swallow” also means to tolerate or not to fight back….

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