Fighting Concept #2.

February 25, 2009


Please folks, this is not about the every lasting Duracell bunny argument regarding hard vs. soft.

Discussing another handed down CKF fighting concept used in styles like Shaolin, Taizu, Hungga etc….

“Using hard to hit soft” or 以硬击软.

The soft here often refers to soft spots/nerve points on your opponent’s body.

Hardness is a quality attained in the arms, fingers and knife hands after proper conditionings.

In White Crane, we say “why block when you can break” – akin to others saying “bridge breaking”.

Talk to Ah Teck and you often hear something like “When I train my body to be really hard, everything about my opponent becomes soft by comparison”.

Exactly why you see folks doing Sanchins to learn to take great pain and not bend over….

A common Chinese expression “Using an egg to hit a rock” – to describe an impossible to win situation.

So folks, don’t be eggs ….. not when you’re fighting.

Unless your plan is to make omelete out of yourself, of course 🙂

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