Green or Oolong tea ?

February 24, 2009

Like tea, TCKF comes in many unfixed colors, textures and tastes and yet they’re all tea…  

Through the years, prior to the internet days and depending on which book/magazine you’re reading, you are expected to read varying accounts of histories, transmission lines and concepts and such info came from leading masters of the day.   Why the incongruities?  

Political and territorial row?   Maybe.

But many of these are very low profile teachers and schools who are just as happy to be left alone to pursue their own course. Small followings and closed-door teaching best describe their way.  

Many are averse about publicly narrate their family histories.   And rarely do they challenge others about the disparities – you are left to your “rivers” and I’m happy with my “wells”.  

I remember attending dinners, performances and other events and my Sifu would point out how other schools did their arts another way.   And I never sense any of that “they’re doing it wrong” tone. He might not concur totally with other methods but “like a big river, there’re bound to be many streams splitting off “was his perception.  

It’s like other Chinese customs – take Chinese New Year for instance.   15 days of celebration but different dialect group would observe respective rituals during this period – all in the name of ushering in a New Year.

 I asked my mom once about this and she simply said “China is a big country and not every thing is done in a same manner” – just like that.   

Simple but really think about it – how true?  

Personally, I prefer the analogy of noodles – the Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew, Fukien, Fuzhou, Hainanese and HengHuas all eat noodles but I tell you, each in a particular manner that makes them distinctive.   I get to test the whole range here in Sarawak and I have my preferences but that’s not making those I don’t like “wrong”.

Of course there is a caveat here; charlatans and pretenders not included in this discussion.   If you are a duck trying to pass yourself off as a crane, you are still a quack!  

Having said all that; here are 2 examples of differently flavored teas.  


Preservation of Fukien Traditional Yong Chun Quan.  

Shaolin Weng Chun.



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