Bery Bery Shiok !

February 24, 2009

For the unaware, shiok means:

Shiok (adj)

Pronounced ‘shee-oak’
Derived from the Malay language (Straits Chinese) meaning fantastic or marvelous.
Example: That prawn mee soup was shiok!

Bery = “very”, pronounced in the Singapore stree talk manner.

This article is from a site known as

The sight of durians, King of fruits to us, could bring back either fond memories or nightmares for students who visited me last year.

Anyway, the humble durian has gone up-market…

Someone should work on packaging and export it worldwide.

Durian strudel anyone …….?

For more of this durianlicious article ….. here.


3 Responses to “Bery Bery Shiok !”

  1. oldkarateka Says:

    Many years ago,, I had a little pilipino girl friend, here favorite expression was “Shiok”,, it kind of sounded like she was saying Shook. But I have never heard it elsewhere in the Phil. Anyway, I asked her,, one time what does it mean?? She just replied,,its only an expression,, it means “Great”.. but I never heard any other Phil use it. Since you mentioned this, its the first Ive heard that expression, since mmmm the 60’s.. Im not a linguist, but many phil words are of Malay descent and with some Chinese thrown in, epecially , slang,, one that comes to mind is” Bu Wisit”,, meaning Bad Luck,, when the Phil say it very fast it sounds like B.S. I know the Bu is from the Chinese for Bad, the Wisit,,mmmm dont know,, may be a malay word??? Always interesting stuff.

  2. eric88ling Says:

    Yes, you’re right. Lots of cross-pollination when it comes to lingo franca in this region.

    The Filipinos and Malay has much in common and I am not surprise that with the Chinese resettlers in the Philippines, some of their spoken dialects have crept into the local Phil dialects.

    You see the same in Indonesia, Thailand etc….

    Have not heard of your “bad luck” thing though – I will check with some Phil friends.


  3. oldkarateka Says:

    Made an error,, I said that Bu was “Bad”,,but not,, its the same as Madarin “No”. So its BuWisit, No Luck,, not sure where the Wisit is from??

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