Aaaarrrgghhh !!!

February 23, 2009

Stop! In the name of love..before I break your face !!!

Another one of those “I want to make you rich” mails :


Mis à jour:


Par votre hôte:

  Salami Adamu


  dimanche 22 février 2009


  14h 00 – 15h 00  (GMT+00:00)


  From: Dr . Salami Adamu the bank manager of bank of africa(BOA) Burkina Faso West Africa branch. I am contacting you based on trust and confidentiality that you will keep this as top secret and don’t be scared or surprised, I am the manager of bank of africa and I have an opportunity to transfer sum of us$10.5 million (Ten Million Five Hundred United State Dollars) Please contact for more information if you are interested. Dr. Salami Adamu

Viendrez-vous ?

  Répondre à cette invitation mise à jour

2 Responses to “Aaaarrrgghhh !!!”

  1. billcchkk Says:

    Sifu Ling (Sensei Ling? Mister Ling? I never know the correct title for comments on Martial Art blogs),

    I’ve seen you post a couple of “please stop” messages now. Rest assured that these folks are probably not readers of your blog. This is what’s known as a Nigerian scam (although it can come from lots of other countries). You’re email address has shown up in someone’s spam list, and they’re sending these to you. If you have spam filtering in place, mark these as spam, and eventually they’ll stop getting to you.

    See for more about this scam.

    Hope that helps,
    – Bill

  2. eric88ling Says:

    Thanks Bill.

    Just call me Eric.

    Yes, I have been marking them as spam but still they come like the waves of the Yellow River ……annoying …

    Thanks for that link – will check it out.


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