“Pass Under” by the GojuMaster.

February 22, 2009


When I logged on over at youtube, this clip and a few others, were highlighted….

Couldn’t make out the faces in the clip until I identified the dojo; reminds me of a Tampa Florida dojo I visited last year.

Then, it all came to me – Russ “GojuMaster” Smith demonstrating a series of drills.

I want to add my 2 shillings for the “Pass under” clip.

Russ, depending how you expend energy, the “pass under” could either be “SanJin” elbow-trap or “Babulien” heaven/earth hand trap/throw.

“Leading Cow” which is very widespread in TaiZu also is a “throw” with body shifting.

Love the way you lift your knee into the ribs making it “General Kuan Mounting Horse”.

And your double knife-hand strike is “White Crane playing with water” – the double handed version in Sanjin.

The horizontal elbow after the pass is a nice touch and if you flip your hand after the elbow strike, striking your partner’s back head, and scoop with your lead leg all together – you end up with “Crane Standing by the brook”.

Russ, nice work….. 🙂

Wish I got your energy to put up clips like these.




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