Troubling rise in gangsterism.

February 19, 2009

Now for some real “Pai Kia” info ……

Happy to tell you that the problem is contained by recent massive police operations.

Still ….. good to know a little “kung fu” in this environment ….. 

MIRI: Gangs of youths fighting each other in the streets armed with swords. Blood and body parts here and there, motionless bodies on the pavement – these are not just scenes from a Chinese kung fu movie.

They can be witnessed all over Sarawak, especially in Sibu.

These gory scenes are real-life episodes associated with gangsterism – a problem the state and police have found impossible to eradicate.

The issue has become so deep-rooted and complex that it can be described along the lines of diagnosing cancer.

More of this bloody story ……. click.

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