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February 10, 2009

This entry came out of Russ’ (Smith) query.

An unusual crane-ish form that is not uploaded to the usual youtube spot …….you know “birds of same feather flock together”.

So “do you know anything about this group” Russ asked.

So I looked and found their website and still can’t really decide whether they are:-

  • A kung fu group
  • A chi kung group
  • A religious sect
  • A cultural group

Or possibly an integration of all the above.

You know folks, for the longest time, I got to be acquainted with the arts through books/magazines and oral accounts of seniors/elders who shared their knowledge.

These last couple years, traveling all over Malaysia and Indonesia working with Kung Fu folks, made me appreciate how little we really do know about the length and depth of the arts and cultures.

Of course the internet brought the world closer and with growing number of styles and families latching on, hopefully, this will thwart the threat of art forms becoming extinct…

And the best part, you don’t have to grapple with the headache of building and maintaining a personal library …….

Especially, if like me, you got 4 misinformed cats that treat your library as a playground!

Also, anyone with more info about the clip, please leave me a note.

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