Cold Water.

February 8, 2009

This is refreshing, a sensible and accurate explanation of how Tai Chi works; takes me back me to the many sessions I sat listening to elders talked about internal fighting when I was a kid learning the arts. The whole concept of “central equilibrium” finely captured in the short clip.

However, watching this is both heartening and disheartening …….

Heartening to see that the arts have endured the many twists and turns through the course of transmission from the east to the west.

Disheartening to be reminded of the many Chinese descendants who are still complacently whirling in the abyss of superstitions and make beliefs.

I think a wake-up call is in order.

Kung Fu is all about hard work and  training realistically.

You are not going to beat your opponents by out-intellectualizing him.

All your knowledge of the language, cultures, histories, poems, kuen-kuits and what nots are not going to win fights.

Provided of course what you are doing is not related to fighting.

And all you want is to mystify folks with talks of this chi and that chi using obscure Chinese terminologies.

Demonstrate your “chi” in physical touch-hands session with another trained fighter from another style.

Then maybe I would recant what I said.

I remember there was a time in Singapore when, like mushrooms after rain, “Chi” healers starting popping up everywhere. These shysters were able to con some gullible folks for a while until the authorities stepped in and shut them down for making all sort of untested outrageous claims.

Well, it beginning to look like mushrooms are appearing again, fed by rain and bullshit.

2 Responses to “Cold Water.”

  1. oldkarateka Says:

    Thank you,, thoroughly enjoyed this practical explantion of Tai Ji theory,,

  2. eric88ling Says:

    Sir, lets work hard to keep the faith …

    The universal truth – “simple” is the best.

    Have a nice day.

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