“The Beach”.

February 7, 2009

And moving along …. Onto a happier topic ….. imho one of the best Chinese songs ever composed.

“The Beach” written and sung by David Tao, a young man who graduated in Psychology at UCLA and together with Jay Chou, leads the Chinese pop music industry.

Okay, the song is in Mandarin but the light jazzy, bluesy, melancholic feel – just ignore the words, you’ll enjoy it anyway….

Still, here’s the translated lyrics :-

Empty is this beach, a breeze blows over this cold shore
I lightly shake the sand from my shoes, looking at my footprint
Oh, one person, one step, how lonely
The ocean looks green, the sky blue, that piece of love regretful
Like being adrift amidst the sea and sky, having reached the deepest place
Having just realized you’ve given up on me
I listen to the gentle breath of waves, I look at the sway of clouds
Is there a way to make a person truly forget?
~ Only blue, only blue, love makes people so sad
My heart, my heart is blue
I long to find a ship that can leave this beach
Every time I return to this very beach, I still miss you
Missing you, I feel a little blue, no one can miss you like this
Left behind a little memory, I feel a little blue
Only blue

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