Crazy Malaysia Martial Arts.

February 7, 2009

Someone posted this on youtube and called it “Crazy” Malaysia MAs. “Crazy” ? Nah ….. not to me.

Those of you growing up in Singapore in the 70s and 80s must remember Peoples Park and the old Bugis areas where performances like these were every day’s affair.

Poking fingers into green coconuts, swallowing big ball bearings and spitting them out after drinking water, dipping hands into wok of hot boiling oil etc etc…

These are the “Jiang Hu” or “Rivers Lakes” street performers. Many are from strong TCKF traditions and were out selling medicines and their schools.

I remember a Sifu with his long whip and he was superb. Taking a ciggie from his assistant’s mouth and apple on the head ala William Tell.

Those were the days…..

14th April 2007, Taken on the streets of Chinatown in Malacca, Malaysia. A Chinese martial arts masters forces finger into coconut!

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