And what have you been smoking ???

February 7, 2009

Received a long and angry mail from a friend on the mainland – someone from a study group that I’ve been working with these last couple of years in researching/compiling TCMA and such ….

Anyway, here’s a small portion of the mail, the rest is full of “expletives” – unprintable here in this family blog 🙂







My friend was shown a youtube clip and he is seeing red.

I watched it myself and wrote back to explain that it could be “monkey” kung fu that is featured.

So the next time you touch hands with a Wing Chun chi-sao high hand, do like what they do in the clip: – jump, flip, somersault, roll,spin away …… you get my drift.

But if by any chance that I am wrong; this could be real “chi” “jing” or ”    ” (fill the blank yourself)at work, then James Randi should be immediately alerted.

Somebody will be a million bucks richer ……. 🙂

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