The Gate of Dragon and Tiger.

February 4, 2009

For those of you not in the know, the movie “The Gate of Dragon/Tiger” is actually based on a comic series created by Tony Wong.

When I was still in secondary school (British system), this was a must- buy along with MAs magazines and novels.

Had a classmate, taught Hungga by his grandfather, who used to redraw from the comics.

And for someone untrained, he did brilliantly with the replication.

The sad thing is that, with so much moving around, I gave away most of my comics/novels collection and retained only my Kung Fu/MAs magazines and books …..

As for my friend- even “sadder”, he got married and gave up his Hungga. With the passing of his grandfather, originally from a small village in Canton, his brand of “village” Hungga also vanished.

Yes, I did investigate these last few years … no trace of other descendants…

How many of you heard of Hungga “Single Phoenix” , “Iron Lohan” or “Spiritual Snake” forms?

The Gate of Dragon and Tiger, created by media magnate Tony Wong Yuk-long in the 1970s, was a milestone in the history of Hong Kong comics. More than one generation of Chinese youngsters have been mesmerized by its tales of heroism and heart-pounding martial arts scenes. Inspired by the basic human values that the series upholds, the film revisits a bygone era, where back street boys can fight for justice in the community. While the spectacular action will appeal to Chinese and international audiences, the film is also an attempt to rekindle the passion and vitality lost in a mercenary and morally ambiguous society.

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