The awakened Dragon.

January 29, 2009

A gentleman who hardly needs any introduction; for the longest time his works on “Shaolin White Crane” are held to be the standard reference, still often quoted in forums etc….

Dr. Yang is “old school” and in his clips, Pt 2, he states that modern “Wushu” is all postures and no “fight” and that only in recent times, mainland is putting enormous effort in the research and restitution of traditional Chinese MAs.

A view that many elders and I share fully.

During my teachers’ time, in the 70s and 80s, requests came fast and furious from mainland’s “wushu” committees and working groups, all with the same plan; return and help to reinstate TCMA.

Some did take this up but I am also aware of many who turned it down; no wonder, as they have left mainland to escape the communist government in the first place.

These last couple of years, I am beginning to see some exciting works accomplished by mainland in the area of research and documenting TCMA; something that is long past due!

As the birthplace of the arts, the onus is upon them to lead the way in the preservation of this heritage for the generations to come.

The “dragon” is finally awakened and let’s hope it continues to soar to greater heights……

Linking 3 clips here: – 2 by Dr. Yang in which he explains some of the common terminologies used in TCMA and another featuring “Yi Quan” in China; one style that’s left pretty intact in spite of all the political volatility it went thru.

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