Another comment.

January 26, 2009

From “retiredwarrior” :-

It came up when I was checking on “Hoppono”. I have the opportunity of seeing Sebastian Soh doing his demonstration (at MYMCA) and at CMA tournaments (at Gay World Stadium).
He is very good.
The art is registered under CMA, I guess, it did not fall into the main streams like karate or TKD.
Sadly, there is nothing left today…


Yes, I concur.

Too much of the genuine traditional arts are watered down and distorted beyond recognition these days.
You read the names and maybe even the “concepts” but the execution is anything but ….

Folks are just not willing to spend the long time required to master the skills. Everything must be compacted and simplified for easy “mastery”.

Well sir, just like music – anyone can pick up a guitar and strum.

Music or not; another story for another day.

Yes, Sebastian was one-of-a-kind.

I said this before many times and I will say this again:-
One of the best Lohan boxers of this generation and I did not just read about this.

He was a personal friend and on many occasions, I had the opportunity of watching his Lohan up close.

His speed, power and focus – simply the best!

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