What the world needs now is … less violence!

January 16, 2009

Aha, my very first “hate” mail – I knew this is going to be a very special year…..

The message is short but not very sweet:-

F&ck 88

Hail Shitler!

Got the message in my youtube message box. So I took a little time to find out more about the sender and found that this guy is “pro-Zionism”.

Ooookay, so what prompted this?

Recent blog entry about my opposition to the killings of innocent children in the Gaza conflict?

Well, if that was true, my stand is still the same. I am categorically against hurting innocent children in any form or shape anywhere!

Deal with it!

Maybe it’s the “88” that I like to use in my email address, youtube id and this blog. Just found out that there is some kind of an organization named “88” bent on destroying Israel and the Jews.

I got news for you dude.

“88” to me, a Chinese, is all about “feng shu”.

In Cantonese, it sounds like “fut fut” which also mean “prosper prosper”.

And I got no argument with prospering … really I don’t.

So to answer your message, let me borrow some wisdom from Bon Jovi:

“Have a Nice Day”.

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