Stop killing the children !!!

January 10, 2009


Friends will tell you I steer clear of any discussion of wars and conflicts; things are never what they appear to be and there is never any absolute right or wrong.

In most wuxia novels, the plot is usually about vendettas; you kill my family and I will kill yours and round and round it goes in some kind of bloody circle game.

To me, all senseless and stupid really.

So it’s  out of the ordinary that I found myself debating with a colleague about what’s going on in the Middle East.

The Israelites are acting on provocations, the Palestinians are victims and at the mercy of the mighty Israeli military, the US is behind all these…and on and on it went!

Well folks for me, it’s simple; as an ex-soldier and Kung Fu practitioner, I maintain that it’s plenty wrong to hurt powerless children.


As a human, I think it’s a crime against humanity to kill children as a “war strategy”.

As a soldier and Kung Fu practitioner, I think it’s an act of cowardice.

Pick on somebody your size!

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