The singing Crane again…

December 31, 2008

林达崇家在福州市南郊潘屿村,居家排行第八,人称潘屿八。潘屿八家境富裕,林世威在他家执教多年,师徒如父子。潘屿八先学罗汉拳,后得白鹤真传,加 以天资聪明,将南北拳法合而为一,创出了别具一格的鸣鹤拳。其拳法中除保留白鹤的经典套路外,融入了罗汉拳的”二十八宿”套路,增创了南北综合拳”七景” 以及对练等技击套路,从而推动了传统武术在福州地区的沿承与发展,可谓后功至伟。
潘屿八教徒广众,其中谢崇祥尤佳。谢崇祥字如如(1852年-1930年),福建省长乐市首占乡岱边村人,7岁随父母搬迁到福州市星安桥畔居住。如如 自幼秉承家传后拜师习武,勤学苦练,青出于蓝而胜于蓝。他所练就的马步有”三角马、四维马、七星步、不丁不八马、包臁马、回身马、犁头马、麻雀跳、虾弹 退、蝙蝠腿”等,虚实分明、进退神速。他把掌法称作”箭”法,有”钹箭、抖箭、对箭、洗箭、赶箭、双单箭、上下箭、长短箭、阴阳箭、脱搭箭、醉身连环箭、 滚身套下箭、摇身过山箭、吞身回龙箭、沉身扦子箭”等,达到”一触即发、一发如箭”的高最境界。他所流传的”借力听劲、弃力化劲、见力生劲、找向引劲”以 及”收接开合、摇搅劈插、搓摩抬撞、踩碾锁剪、提顶弹抖、掩盖拖带、搭钩扦扣”等技击基本手势,无不惟妙惟肖,令人真正感悟到传统武术的魅力。鸣鹤拳的” 头、肩、肘、臂、肱、膝、臁、臀、腿、脚”等各有所司,取法自然。

An old article talking about the early days of MingHeQuan or Whooping Crane.

Not going to translate the whole article but here are some keynotes :-

  • Account starts with Lin ShiXian, generally accepted by most in MingHe to be a major personality in the pioneer days.
  • From Lin ShiXian, the art was passed to Lin Dachong of Fuzhou Nanjiao Pan Yucun, a village in Fuzhou. His house was in located in the eighth position in the village, he became known as Pan Yuba.(Ba is Chinese for 8).
  • Lin ShiXian was the “resident” kung fu teacher in that household and taught Yuba for many years. Yuba was also well-versed in Lohan/Arhat Boxing.
  • Pan integregated the 2 and this resulted in “MingHeQuan”. 2 forms are credited to him – “28 Mansions” or more commonly referred to as “28 Steps” and “7 Scenes” – a form blending Northern and Southern fighting concepts.

The rest of the article goes on to trace the lineage after Pan until present days’ families in Singapore and Malaysia. The above article is truncated, the full article is much longer….

I have received mails asking me to reconcile the “Lohan” portion with today’s Whooping Crane.

Someone even remarked that Lohan is miles apart from Crane’s expression in terms of power and body structure.

Well, yes if you think about typical Shaolin Lohan with their long hands and forward bow stance.

However, if you view Southern Lohan, the distinctions blur.

Maybe now, it’s not too tough to perceive that Whooping Crane is part Fang Chi Niang’s White Crane and part Lohan/Arhat Boxing…..

In my collection, I’ve some really old materials about Shaolin Lohan Boxing and “28 Fists” is  listed as one of the original forms.

No illustration of any sort just text.

This is where the fun starts – reconciling that to Whooping Crane’s “28” to see whether they are the same form.

Carlsberg time  🙂

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