Close encounter of the physical kind.

December 16, 2008



Most of my students must have heard me talked about Ah Teck, my Tai Chor teacher, umpteen times.

The man that I am eternally indebted to as far as comprehension of Fukien fighting is concerned; to put it simply, Ah Teck loves to fight and he loves teaching his students the same ….period.

You can start any CMA discussions with him and I guarantee it, that in no time, it will get physical.

This is exactly what took place the day I visited him with Chad and Rich. We started talking, as usual about history and techniques, and then Ah Teck was all over both my students.

Punches to the throat here, wrist grabs there and some Tai Chor signature techniques later, he disclosed that he will be going for his knee operation the next day.

Ah Teck was having issues with his knee for sometimes now and he kept putting the surgery off. Even last year in Penang, his limp was obvious.

This is one man who rather lives with the awful pain than go under the knife and along the way, still training and teaching Tai Chor.

Well, kind of like when I broke my wrist in Colorado (teaching some kaokun or monkey kung fu) some years back. A little “jow” and wrap, I was back teaching the next day.

Stubborn? Maybe.

Maybe all CMA exponents are stubborn in that way……

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