Body like willow, hands like bullets.

December 11, 2008

Another clip from the session with my MingHe sihing in Singapore, a very reclusive man, it’s difficult to get him to open up and share sometimes.

In his 60s now, I make it a point to visit him each time I’m back in Singapore. Not always talking about MingHe per se, we would just sit, have tea and reminisce about the old days in the school and teachers and brothers who are no longer with us.

To me, my sihing epitomizes how a MingHe boxer should move, all relaxed and then boom!

Tensing and focusing about an inch before the target which we were taught as the “inch power” that is so often mentioned in Wing Chun.

So that day, watching, shooting, translating and explaining some elementary MingHe concepts kind of transport me back some 20 over years ago.

My Sifu and Sihing taking me through the same moves……

And yes, you hear me speaking in the clip; a little English and some Fuzhou.

Welcome to my world.

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