Tale of 2 cities…..

December 9, 2008

Talking about having too much on your plate – yup! I got much alright…

Initially intended to be a relaxing vacation here in Kuching, Chad and Rich (2 of my students) ended up traveling with me to Singapore.

Amongst other things, to have some face time with none other than Jet Li – the “One”….

We also spent quality time meeting with Ah Teck, my Grand Ancestor teacher and Tien Ngoon, my MingHe sihing.

The latter did something unprecedented; he actually got onto the floor to teach some Whooping Crane – in a manner only he knows how.

In my 20 plus years experience with him, I can count, using just one hand, the number of occasions he actually touched hands with anybody much less teach.

Over the next few days, I will post pics and video clips from Chad/Rich visit.

Well, you know the song; if a picture paints a thousand words ………

dsc03607Pretending to be tourists at Singapore Esplanade

dsc03670 With my Sihing in my old MingHe school

dsc03701Seated in front is Ah Teck, my Tai Chor Sifu and Master Ong Eng Soon, one of the most senior Ngo Chor (5 Ancestors) elders today.

dsc03558Me and the “One”

dsc03572 Rich and the “One” in a deep discussion

With thousand of pics taken in Kuching and Singapore, the above are some samples; I will post more later.

Here’s a clip of my sihing doing “Babulien” with Chad/Rich.

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