I told you I’ll be busy for the entire month of November.

A couple of days after sending Chas & Peter off at Kuching International Airport, I was back there to pick up another quest from Colorado,Sharod.

Again, in order to pass thru’ into the “inner chamber”, Sharod has to prove her worth; conquer the “king of fruits” – the champion – durian.

And lo n behold, she actually enjoyed the test – aaarrrggghhhh what is this world coming to ???

You from the “land of cheese” are not suppose to like the “spiky one”.

I think we have to raise the bar, next stop, swallow some live wriggly “sago” worms.

The one “delicacy” that I have managed to avoid so far and I intend to keep it that way.

Live worms!

I’ll sooner be chewing on grass first  🙂