Flying without wing……time.

November 10, 2008

A while back, I was reading a piece in a local dailies about a group of foreigners who visited Sarawak and the author was saying how this is a place that you got to linger for a bit before appreciating the “contentment” that most locals feel.

“Acquired taste” in a way….

I can’t disagree with this viewpoint; after 5 years I am beginning to enjoy the pace and rhythm that is, honestly, quite unique to Kuching.

Now the difficulty is how to pass that to friends visiting for a week or so?

A sampler of course; foods, places and Kung Fu.

So everyday, the agenda is premeditated to get maximum coverage.

But 1 week is simply just not enough, no matter how you try to cut it.

Hey, we barely scratched the surface.

And just like durians, you got to get into the core in order to get the good stuff.

Peter will tell you that!

Anyway, here are 2 clips to give you a “scratch the surface” of Chas/Peter’s “scratched the surface” experience in Kuching Sarawak.