November 1, 2008


Zhangzhou Jie Yuan Hall’s White Crane originated in Yong Chun Province. The lineage acknowledges White Crane Immortal Master, Fang Chi Niang and Ferocious Tiger General as Ancestors.

Flying the banner of “Jie Yuan Hall”, skills derived from “Single legged Crane” and using  “Battle Sect White Crane” as name.

Above extracted from the Crane forum – a forum member’s self-intro….

This was the norm during my Sifu’s time, you describe your source, lineage, ancestors, banner (or flag) you are “flying” and your skill sets – all in one breath.

Those of you familiar with “Hong Men” or “Chinese triads” will know what I am talking about; your dragon head, where you fly your flag or hang your lanterns and most importantly, your “number”.

Personally, preservation of CKF as a culture encompasses all these “rituals” , “ceremonies” and customs.

Nowadays, much of these are lost.

Could be one of the causes of all the bickering we are  witnessing….

You know – I am more legit than you and blah blah blah.

Or it could be a case of ” The tree is getting bigger and branches are starting to rot”

For those of you who are familiar with 56, I think you’ll agree that it’s not the most navigable of sites, Chinese or otherwise…

Only found out about this Chinese video sharing site when a friend wrote to tell me that one of my White Crane clips got reposted there from youtube.

Actually, this site holds some real gems; if only you know how to find them.

Me? I bookmarked the main “Wushu” page and take it from there; working through a real labyrinth sometimes just to be rewarded with some real goodies…so it’s worth the search.

Anyway, November is going to be a real hectic month for me; got friends and students from the US visiting; most will be spending 1 to 2 weeks here.

Already, I spent a day with some masters here in Kuching to notify them about the approaching visits…..touch hands sessions are in order…..

Then there are other places to be included during their visits; some jungle trekking, caving, native villages to experience …. Off the beaten tracks kind of schedule.

So for now, some clips I found over at 56 :-

Choy Li Fut:

Tai Chi Combat:

Wuzu Sanchin:Interesting that I should find this version of Sanchin on 56 done by a mainland Sifu. This is the version I saw years ago at a performance during a anniversary dinner held by my White Crane school….I was just a kid back then  🙂