Art imitating life.

October 28, 2008

This topic was regularly raised in my many conversations with the various masters; not all Kung Fu techniques are conceived in the “martial hall”.


The truth is that everyday “occupational” physical routines are often modified and applied as martial techniques.


Most Hakka masters around here are in the “tofu” business, in fact this is a traditional Hakka trade from the old country, and much of the productions are still manually done.


So you have folks working the granite grinder in order to make tofu and many Hakka masters incorporated this grinding action into their fighting skills, so much so that Hakka Kung fu are sometimes referred to as “grinding tofu hands”.


The Fukien community is largely agricultural and this is preserved when they left the mainland. Talking to Sifu Ting Huat Yong, a Fuzhou Fong Yang expert in Sibu Sarawak, he explained that many of his techniques were adapted from physical movements used in everyday farming chores.


Sifu Ting is a farmer.


There are many other examples even in non-Chinese fighting systems around here … where you find art imitating life.


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