Operas and Kung Fu.

October 19, 2008

Must be about some 10 – 15 years ago that I started studying histories/evolutions of CKF, at a time that you would find bookshops sprinkled all over Singapore carrying all sort of MA books and most schools had strong followings.

The “golden era” of CKF if you like, most of the teachers of the day then were 2nd generation descendants since the day their styles landed on Singapore soil.

This was also the time that many believed that all KF were entwined in some ways and in many cases, shares parentage. Really not too much of the “I am more original” arguments that are so prevalent these days.

Some might argue that new information is uncovered and that many of these old accounts are no longer accurate…

Well, it’s either that or some marketing strategies at work – “The original flavor” tagline is an influential marketable one I suppose.

Anyway this entry is not about that but rather a book published some 10 – 15 years ago about southern kung fu associated with Cantonese opera.

Personally, I think, the operas, farming communities in Fukien, Fuzhou merchants and their bodyguards and Hung Moon sects concealed within Chinese communities everywhere hold the answer to many KF historical questions asked today…..

Talking to teachers like Ah Teck, Por Suk and Ku Sifu about histories of CKF inevitably move away away from mainstream histories and into the operas, Hong Moon etc.

Got Ah Teck reciting the entire Hong Moon initiation poem recently; I was instructed not to divulge this but just the first 2 verses alone speak volumes about Kung Fu.

“Heroes and champions revere the 3 saints”

“To the mountains they ascend to respect the 5 Ancestors” (partial translation)

That aside, here’s the Cantonese Opera Southern Boxing book; anyone keen to obtain the entire book, write to me :-

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