Saolim Monkey.

October 17, 2008

Before I move on to posting clips of other styles, I just want to share one more Saolim clip first.

The rarely performed in public “monkey” or “kao koon”.

The more I talk to masters and elders, both in Singapore and Malaysia about the late Ven Sek’s kung fu legacy, the bigger an enigma he becomes, to me at least.

Now that my Saolim teacher has passed, I find it even tougher to get first hand accounts of Ven Sek teaching methods.

I guess what’s left is to look at the art forms and skill sets he left behind.

One thing is apparent; Ven Sek’s southern Shaolin is special in many ways.

Even by just viewing his forms from a distance, it’s easy to recognize the unusual “flavor” that sets it apart from the other Fukien styles.

I am just glad that I kept all the old video tapes of performances in Singapore 10 – 20 years ago.

The Lohan, tiger, crane …… absolutely brilliant stuff !!!

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