San Cheen Do.

October 15, 2008

Like I explained in one of my earlier entries  – San Cheen Do , a hybrid style founded by Sifu Teo Choon Teck, is the amalgamation of :-

Tai Zu or Grand Ancestor – GM Quek Yong Hor’s lineage.

WuZu or 5 Ancestors – GM Lim Wee Cheok’s lineage

Karate & Muay Thai.

Tai Zu is the backbone but spread throughout the training curriculum, you’ll see in varying degrees, traces of the other styles.

Karate is exhibited in the beginner’s forms with emphasis on wide shifting stances like in ShotoKan.

The way we spar is akin to Muay Thai and the Sanchin series is taken out of Tai Zu.

Here’s a form that you would usually associate with WuZu – “20 fists” or “Di Chap Koon” in Fukien.

This form is one of the items presented by Ah Teck’s students during the Singapore show in the park ….


One Response to “San Cheen Do.”

  1. paginseng Says:

    Excellent! Thank you for sharing. The Wuzuquan form I practice under Sifu Wiley is called Li Sip Kun, also “20 Punches”. It is the 1st form Kun form we learn. . .that was great. Ours is very similar.

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