Remembering Master Cabales

October 2, 2008

We’ve received some requests for more on Filipino martial arts, so I decided to mull over some of the arts I had written about. While deciding which to post here, I came across my very first published article. And this made the decision simple. You see, it was the late grandmaster Angel Cabales who started me writing, when he asked me to document his fighting art in a series of books. I was only 19 years old at the time and did not know how or what to do. I rose to the occasion and, over the next dozen or so years, published quite a bit on his art.

The first article was titled “The Serrada Escrima System of Angel Cabales,” and was featured in the May 1991 issue of Black Belt Magazine. Then in October of 1991 Black Belt published a short biography I had written, called “The Angel Cabales Story.” I wrote one last article on this particular system of escrima, titled “Reflex Control and Coordination: The Hallmark of Cabales Serrada Escrima.” It appeared in Karate International magazine in 1993. After that I wrote two instructional books on the Cabales’ art, and also included the art as chapters in two subsequent books I wrote as overviews on the Filipino martial arts.

I have not written anything on the art for at least six years, and have no plans on doing so. The politics within the system have stripped the desire from me. Too many ankle-biters, if you know what I mean:) So before these things vanish… I hope a few of you will find them interesting. And in any case, may the legacy of this late master live in the hearts of us all.


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