That bird again ……

September 29, 2008

kfpracti has sent you a message on YouTube:

white crane

hi sifu how r u ?
i have a question about the white crane system hope u can help me, is each branch of the four branches of white crane is a complete and independant system or one is more advanced than the other ?
10x in advance.

I mentioned this before – I do get regular messages asking me about some of the stuffs I put up. And in this case (I hope the sender don’t mind going public here), another question about White Crane.

Coincidentally, this is the very subject matter of a book that the 3 cobblers are working on; “Southern Fukien Boxing”, examining histories, lineages, concepts, evolutions and migratory paths etc etc…

I have always maintained that the propagation of TCMA happened in waves; first it was from Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland and now it’s SE Asia’s turn to put in the missing pieces.

Considering the considerable ethnic Chinese population in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, the pieces are going to be big.

To quickly answer “kfpracti” –

Yes, each branch is complete with somewhat differing emphasis in their methodologies.

And no, there is no single “advanced” system and for that matter, any style. It’s really all in the person rather than the style.

Having said all that, the underlying principle of White Crane is “jing” or “power generation” which is intimately linked to the concept of “SanChin”.

In the words of Sifu Li Kang, the renowned Hong Kong Yong Chun White Crane teacher and researcher; White Crane starts and ends with Sanchin….

For now, some pics and reading materials for you, if you read Chinese that is 🙂

Now you understand why the 3 cobblers are working on a “ENGLISH” book …….

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