Flippin’ Over Somethin’ Different.

September 28, 2008

Well, lot’s of kung-fu and karate articles ’round this here place. Thought I would shake things up a bit and post a rare article I was able to write on a grandmaster from Negros Occidental, Philippines. His name was Herminio Binas (he passed several years ago) and he practiced the classic style of arnis known as espada y daga (stick/sword and dagger style).

He was named as the “grandmaster consultant” when the National Arnis Association of the Philippines (NARAPHIL) was formed and the titles of master/grandmaster/professor were bestowed on the living legends of the arts. GM Binas retired in my home town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where by chance I met him and was able to study privately with him in his home and mine for several years. I assisted him with some seminars, as well, and have included some pics of us together from 15 years ago.


2 Responses to “Flippin’ Over Somethin’ Different.”

  1. oldkarateka Says:

    Its great to see you guys writing, really gives a broader outlook on these martial arts, and good to see more on Philippine Martial Arts. Keep up the great work..Im an advid reader of this web blog now.

  2. eric88ling Says:

    Yes Mike,

    A big elephant with us blind folks touching a small portion each.

    Together, maybe, we’ll get the big picture and start to make head and tail.

    Good day.


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