It’s a small world … world of Kung Fu.

September 25, 2008

Since putting up a clip featuring “Overview of Wing Chun in Canton”, I received numerous messages regarding the book; most wanted to know how to buy the book.

So I look up the details and found that the publisher got a agent in Malaysia – Perak West Malaysia, managed by a “Ngo Kah Keat”.

The same Sifu Ngo doing WuZu Sanchin in one of my youtube clips. So,I called him and we spent about 30 mins talking about CKF and working together since Sifu Ngo, like me, is a traditional CKF fanatic 🙂

Anyway, to keep a long story short, we are looking at pdf version of this and many other books that they got in their library to facilitate puchases. Next month, my original travel plan is Kuching-Singapore-Johor-Penang-Kuching Now, I might just have to include Perak to meet up with Sifu Ngo. Fancy that – 2 complete strangers, one book, one video clip and possibly a start of a new journey….love it!

Here’s another clip  featuring pages of the said book :-

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